Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It’s been pretty amazing ‘round these parts! I finally reached 100 followers on my TPT page and I reached 100 followers on my blog! I am beyond excited! Thanks to everyone! As you may or may not know, my TPT store anniversary and blog anniversary are next month so I’m glad to have reached these accomplishments! Being that I met my goal of 100 followers, make sure you come back on Friday for Freebie Friday because I will be giving away a product I haven’t even put in my TPT and TN stores yet. You don’t want to miss it!


I’ve also received a few awards! Lauren from Teacher Mom of 3, Sara from Miss V’s Busy Bees (love the name!), and Kristen from A Day in First Grade all awarded me the one lovely blog award.

Once you receive the award, you must follow 3 rules:

1. Follow the person that gave you the award

2. Link back to the person that gave you the award

3. Pass the award on to 15 new bloggers

Here are the blogs I am passing the award to. They may not all be new but I’m shouting them out anyway! Please click on their buttons to visit their blogs!

Mackey’s Classroom

  PhotobucketMy Heart Belongs in First

2 Crazy Texas Teachers Crazy About Kindergarten 2 Crazy Texas Teachers

Photobucket First Grade Lyon’s Den

My Photo Luckeyfrog’s Lilypad

Miss A's kindergarten Miss A’s Kindergarten

The First Grade Jungle

My (Not So) Elementary Life My Not So Elementary Life

Live Laugh and Love to Learn in Second Grade Live, Laugh, and Love to Learn

And finally Mrs. Tabb from Another Day in First Grade


A few more things…I mentioned my anniversary next month and I plan on doing a HUGE giveaway. If you are interested in donating a product to give away please let me know! The benefit are exposure for your blog/store and of course my appreciation!! Just email me at if you would like to help with the giveaway! I really appreciate it!

Lastly, my thought of the day…

Enjoy your day and check back tomorrow for Link Up Thursday!



  1. Thanks girl, hope you are doing great!!

  2. Congrats!! I just gave out that award as well, it's fun! That's so exciting about your anniversary & the giveaway! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  3. Hi Mrs. Mc! Congrats on reaching 100 on your blog & TPT store! And anniversary too! I think I am now your 105th follower! I get so excited when I find another first grade blog!
    AND thank you for the award. I will try to work on that later this evening if I am still in 1 piece. Our family is going to the trampoline park in a few and I am not as young as I once was.

  4. Ahhhh thanks soooo much for the award! We are so excited!! Love this blogger world! And we love your blog!! Congrats on 1oo followers!!!!

  5. I love the finishing quote on this post :] definitely something to live by in the teaching world!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  6. Hi there. I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog to see what you have to do to redeem :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life
    Versatile Blog Award Post

  7. Thanks so much for the award! :) I'm glad I found your adorable blog!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  8. Congrats on the award! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award so just stop by my blog to receive it. I'm your newest follower!

    Susie's Seconds