Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mega Post: Pin Up Thursdays + Measurement Freebie+ New Products

Happy Thursday to you! Thanks to everyone who has linked up with my Then & Now Linky. It’s been fun to read and see how other TPT teacher authors have improved in creating their products. You can still link up here. I’d love to see your Then & Now comparison.

This post is a little lengthy but lots of fun! Here goes…


I’ve found some interesting pins this week on Pinterest…

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The first thing I found was Spelling Battleship. It’s like the traditional battleship game, but spelling words or sight words are used instead. My kids love playing games to review things in class. I think we would have to play this game as a class a couple of times before I would let them play by themselves. However, I think they would really enjoy it.

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The next is a helpful poster that can be used in the classroom to remind students to always produce quality work. This poster was created by rockin’ blogger Amanda.

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I absolutely love this activity. Each snowflake has sight words typed in very small font. Using a magnifying glass, students find each word and write it down. This concept could be applied to sight words, spelling words, vocabulary, or anything. This was created by rockin’ blogger Katie.

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Finally, a cute Valentine’s day craft that teachers could create for their students or that students could create for each other. My kids love getting cool pencils to write this, so I can definitely see this working in my classroom.

Moving right along…last week my firsties and I talked about measurement. We talked about inches and feet and what that meant. We watched a BrainPop Jr. Video about measurement. Then, I let the kids trace and measure their hands and feet (they loved it because they got to take off their shoes!). Throughout the week, we continued to talk about measurement. To mark the end of the week talking about measurement, I let the students trace each other. They then used rulers and calculators to see how many inches and feet tall they were. I had to help them with the calculations, but they caught on very quickly. They also had to compare their height with others in the classroom. They had to find someone who was taller and shorter that themselves.


This is the activity page they used. You can get it for free here.


After doing their calculations, they were able to color themselves. Again, more fun for them. For some reason though, some of my kids started coloring themselves unnatural colors like blue and green (see below). I had to remind them that their skin was not any of these colors. To which one student remarked that only aliens are those colors!


After putting it all together, here is the final product.




Lastly, I’ve added some new things to my store that you might be interested in…




Check out these products by clicking on the product images. I’ll give all three products to the first three people who leave a comment to this post! Don't forget to leave your email.

Whew, that was a lot for a Thursday!



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