Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lately…In My Classroom

I’ve been doing a few things that I’d like to share!


So, I’m  not the greatest at thinking of bulletin board ideas for the outside of my classroom, so I often end up looking through the Pinterest bulletin board page or elsewhere on the internet. This is actually my March bulletin board but I kept it up through April because I’m lazy I also had to do the bulletin board in my school’s hallway. I borrowed this idea from here and modified it a bit.


First, my students colored an egg that I printed onto cardstock.


I decided that it would be better if I cut out the eggs! (for good reason!)


Next, I took pictures of my kids. I told them to pose like they were coming out of an egg. They loved posing! After I took their pictures, I printed them at Walgreens (they always give large percentages off on their pictures) and cut them out.



After cutting everything out, I stapled the pictures of my kids in a position that showed them coming out of their eggs. This was my favorite bulletin board that I’ve put together.


Here’s the bulletin board I did for the hallway for testing this month. Sorry for the blurry image! I borrowed this idea too from here.


The last thing I have to share is a writing activity my firsties completed during our study of adjectives. We were studying adjectives for how many, so I had my students sketch a monster and use adjectives to describe its different parts.


Using their sketches, I drew and cut out different shapes for the bodies. I also cut out eyes, mouths, moustaches, arms, legs, tails, and teeth. The students re-wrote their sentences on the lines and underlined the adjectives. I added the orange frame also.


Here’s one student’s monster.


Here is the monster that I created and wrote about. Pretty nifty, huh?

Enjoy your Saturday!

+Sincerely, MrsMc


  1. I love your bulletin board! The rocket one is adorable, too!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

    1. Thanks so much! It took a lot of work lol!

  2. Your egg display is precious! Thank you for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher

    1. Thanks so much Julie! Thanks for visiting!