Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today, In My Classroom: Who Knew Santa Was Silly?



Christmas is always the perfect time to do fun activities with your students. I recently created a new product for my store where my students wrote silly Santa stories. My kids just loved it!


I just uploaded my newest product, Who Knew Santa Was Silly? in my TpT store. It includes lesson plans for a week with activities for your students to brainstorm ideas, create their silly stories, and to compare real Santa and silly Santa. My students completed these activities last week.


We started by brainstorming ideas using the brainstorming sheet. I didn’t tell the students what they were writing about…this added to the fun! Next, we transferred our brainstorming ideas to the rough draft copy of the silly story. This is where the students could actually read their stories. They loved this part! We then revised our rough drafts (most spelling errors) and created our final drafts. These were the ones that I used on my bulletin board. You’ll notice in the picture above that I made a mistake in my initial creation of this product (I fixed it before it was posted in my store, of course). So, my kids had to scratch out and re-number their brainstorming sheet. Silly me!


After completing our final drafts of our silly Santa story. We used the comparing and contrasting sheet and Venn Diagram above to discuss real Santa and silly Santa. Again, another fun activity for them!


In my newest product, I also have an idea about how to turn your students’ writing activities into a bulletin board display. I started by finding this cute Santa template on Catching Fireflies. Then I created eyes and noses for Santa using construction paper.




I put all of the pieces together to create Santa!


I used the students’ final draft of their silly stories and their Santa craft and added them to my bulletin board.


Go check out my newest product in my store. It is half off until tomorrow afternoon! It will be a great activity for your last days of school before the Christmas break!


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