Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Flash Freebie

Happy Friday! Hope you have survived this week. I’m trying to get my mind re-programmed to go back to school. Summer has been oh so relaxing but July is going to be over pretty soon! I’m starting a new school this year so that should be interesting. I’m still waiting to start working in my classroom. I’d rather get it done sooner than later.

This year will be a little different because we are starting Common Core. Now, I’ve overlooked the standards and such, but our district has not had any “training” on it at all. Not sure when that will take place, but hopefully soon. How have you adapted to Common Core?

Don’t forget to enter the great big giveaway! There’s still a week left!


Before signing off, I have to do…


I hinted at it yesterday! I’m giving away my First Grade Common Core Reading and Math Displays which are new to my TPT and TN. Check them out here and here.


This flash freebie will last from 11:05 A.M. to 12:05 P.M. (central). Make sure that you leave a working email below and I will send this item to you if you get your entry in on time! Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow! Your freebie looks great.....I'm your newest follower!

  2. I hope I entered properly. If not, I'll leave my email address again. Thanks so much!

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  3. Missed it! If I didn't, here's my email: