Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pin-Up Thursday

I’ve been going Pin-Crazy!! If you are not on Pinterest you are missing out! Anywhoo…before getting to Pin-Up Thursdays I have to remind you about the giveaway. It ends Monday! Click the pic below to enter :-)


And now…


I have lots of things to share today. The first is a focus wall. I posted earlier this week that I needed help to decide what to do with my bulletin boards. A focus wall was suggested, and I think it’s a great way to display what your students will be learning during the week.

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The next thing I found was a cute back to school treat using starbursts. I always put something like this in my kids’ first day goodie bag. I have similar cute sayings in my First Day Frenzy pack here.

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The next thing I found kind of goes along with my bulletin board dilemma. Last year I had a word wall, but with fewer bulletin board space this year I wondered where I would put it. This pin shows a portable word wall using manila folders. It includes all of the words the students will use throughout the year. I love it because I can set it up anywhere in my classroom and the kids can easily access it. I definitely want to use this idea this year, but I’m not sure if I’ll add the words beforehand or add them as we learn them…

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Finally, my favorite pin of the week, I found a teacher’s literacy center stations. The pin is from Serenade to Second Grade, and she details EVERYTHING. The great thing about visiting her blog is that she provides a lot of free materials so that you can use it in your classroom (I don’t think she uses the blog anymore; however, all of the materials are still available to download). You may have to modify it for the grade that you teach, but the resources are awesome nonetheless! I really want to create awesome literacy centers for my firsties and this pin was a jewel for me. I have a lot of storage in my new classroom, so I will have lots of room for these centers.

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What interesting things have you found on Pinterest? Leave your pinterest link(s) below or if you are doing a linky, leave your blog post link below!


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