Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enrichment Behavior Management

I received an email this weekend from one of our enrichment teachers asking that all students bring their quality binders each time they come. thank you…

I say that because my quality binders are quite bulky and I have little firsties. Plus, walking down the hall with those binders each time is just asking for a disaster. I can see my kids dropping them, playing with them, etc. The reason she wanted the students to bring them is so she can write down when any behavior issue occur. However (because of the above stated reasons) I don’t think that will work very well.

(I hope the enrichment teacher doesn’t mind my opposition!)

So I decided to make up this simple form for all of the enrichment teachers to use when they have any behavior issues. I’ll send this binder to each enrichment rotation. In the enrichment behavior binder, I’ll slip the cover in the front and make several copies of the recording sheet. If one of my students happens to have a behavior issue in enrichment, the teacher can write it down and I will be able to review it when enrichment is over.

That’s a simple solution, right? If you are in need of something similar, just grab the PDF below and leave some feedback.

Have a great work week!



  1. I love your blog and glad I found it. I have found some great ideas to use with my class. Im your newest follower. Below is a link to my blog.
    Flying Into First Grade

  2. Great! Thanks for stopping by!