Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pin-Up Thursdays: Walls, Words, Displays & Info

Pin-Up Thursday this week features some of my favorite Pinterest finds from the past week. Here are the things that caught my eye.
I pinned this “I’m Done” wall that would be perfect for those students who are early finishers. I love this because it’s simple and easy to put on a board or wall of your classroom. I’ve seen the I’m Done folders and project boards, but this seems so much easier. I definitely plan to implement a similar thing for my classroom.
I pinned this word wall done with ribbon. When words are ready to be added to the word wall, you just clip it to the ribbon. I’m all for cool ways to display word walls! Last year, I used a floating word wall. This year, my word wall is a bit more traditional, but I definitely appreciate the look and ease that this word wall has.
I pinned this tool to help students with their nonsense words. Students place their finger on each dot and say each sound. Then, they blend those sounds together to say the nonsense word. Our district really focuses on DIBELS and one of the things that first graders are tested on is nonsense word fluency. Students are expected to put the sounds of words together to say words even if they do not necessarily make sense, hence the name nonsense words. I love this because it helps students break down the sounds in the word. Some of my students can say the word without sounding it out which is the ultimate goal. However, some students really need to make each sound in order to say the word.
I pinned a neat way to display daily objectives. This is just a picture frame with scrapbook paper and labels. By using a dry erase marker, your objectives can easily be written and erased each day. This is great idea, but I would imagine that you would need a good deal of board or wall space to do all of your subject areas. Still, it’s such a creative idea. I can see this being used in the home too (perhaps as a grocery list board or something like that!)
Finally, I pinned this awesome parent handbook flipbook. I really wish that I would have found this pin before I started school, because I think it is such an organized way of giving parents all of the essential information about your classroom. This would be a great tool for your meet and greet or open house with parents before school starts.
To find the source of each pin, visit my Pin-Up Thursdays Pinterest page here. Which pin from Pin-Up Thursdays was your favorite? How would you use it in your classroom? Leave your wonderful comments below!

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