Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pin Up Thursdays Linky Party (May 1)

pinupthursdayswithmrsmcclain_button_[2]Pin Up Thursdays is a weekly linky party where you share four interesting educational finds from Pinterest. If you need help getting your party on, click HERE! Now, party animals…find your pins, blog about it, grab my buttons, and link back up here on my blog. Here are my pins from the week…
QR Keys - must have for the 1 iPad classroom. Students can just scan for websites or apps. Create the code, cut it out, stick it on card stock. Hole punch and put on rings. Color code for extra organization! I keep adding more and more!
I love this idea because I recently received a few iPads through a grant and I have been searching for some QR code ideas. These are QR keys. The pin description mentions that this is good if your classroom only has one iPad, but I can see it being used even if you have more than one. Students scan the QR code to gain access to apps or websites.
teacher resource center
I like this pin simply for the organization and the awesome display idea. Right now, I have my CC standards and my objective listed on my whiteboard, but I’d like to have something fancy like this to display all of the standards we are learning for the week. Saving this idea for next school year!

Can you tell what going on here? These are bottle caps. The teacher writes or attaches a problem on the outside of the cap and an answer on the inside of a bottle cap (ketchup cap, mustard cap). Students can then grab one, work the problem, and then they can self check. What a great idea! I can see this being used for other subjects as well.

Stamina Strips to motivate students during silent reading- For each 15-20 minutes of successful silent reading (or whatever limit you determine), students earn a link on the chain. You can do this for the week, month, or however long you choose. (Photo only)
These are stamina strips. Teachers can use these to help students track their silent reading. Think Daily 5 stamina, but for each individual students. As they build their stamina they get another link added to their chain. This would be a great way to motivate all students, especially the ones who may struggle with reading and/or reading for a long time.
What pins have you found this week? Share your thoughts about my Pin Up Thursdays pins in the comments and make sure to link up with your blog post below!


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  1. Love the stamina chain and will definitely use this next year!