Thursday, November 1, 2012

Houston, We Have A Winner!/Pin Up Thursdays

Welcome back everyone. Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. I took a short break, but I’m excited to get back to blogging. I especially thank everyone who provided advice for my little one. I will definitely take everyone’s thoughtful words with me as I go on this crazy journey called parenthood!

The winners of the giveaway are Michaelyn and April. They will receive all of the items that I add to my store for the rest of this year! Congrats!

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Now for Pin-Up Thursdays! Here’s what I’ve found this week…

eye color graph. Would be good with a "listening with eyes" lessons

I like this graphing idea for eye color. Of course you can use it and do so many other things…hair color, etc. It’s so visual which is great for students.

Pinned Image

This is another graphic activity that I found. I can see this being used each day with a different question. Very simple, but perfect for students.

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I had been looking for something for my advanced students during RTI and I plan on using something like this when I get back. I hope this is not too complicated for them to use. On Fridays, I plan to have a fun day where they complete book reports with a partner. This seems like a good template to use.

Grade 1

Typically my students and I do our calendar each day using the Promethean Board, but this is a great way to cover those same skills.

What have you found on Pinterest this week. If you’d like to link up, use the graphic above and leave your blog link using the iLinkz tool or just leave a Pinterest link below using the iLinkz tool. See you tomorrow for the Friday Flash Freebie.



  1. Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to seeing all the things you come up with.
    April P.

  2. I spotted the gingerbread data collection question on Pinterest too and started posing a question on my whiteboard each morning and the students write their name under 'yes' or 'no' and they are loving it!

    Adoring Lilly

    1. Awesome, I know your kids enjoy it!