Monday, April 14, 2014

Today, In My Classroom: Egg-Cellent Graphing


Each day this week, I plan to do an Easter-themed activity with my first graders since we are approaching our Easter and Spring Break. (Sidenote: I am SOOO excited for Spring break…even more than my students!) Today, we did an activity that I just added to my TpT store called Egg-Cellent Graphing.


We practice graphing all year long so even though we haven’t reached the Go Math! unit on graphing, I knew my first graders could still complete this activity. First they colored their eggs.


Then, they cut their eggs out and sorted them by color.


Finally, the students colored in their graphs depending on how many eggs they had of each color. My kiddos really enjoyed this activity, and your students can too!


Egg-Cellent Graphing is only ONE BUCK in my store, so go grab your copy now! Also, don’t forget to join me this Thursday for Pin Up Thursdays!


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