Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone! I am still alive as well in case you were wondering! New posts will be appearing soon!

+Sincerely, MrsMc

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Currently, Currently, Currently

Here’s my currently for March. Head on over to Farley’s blog to participate! Truth be told, currently I need a NAP! But anyway…


Listening: On Tuesdays, all of my favorite shows come on and I usually have to record them and watch them the next day because I’m running around with school stuff or with the baby. One of my faves is Dance Moms.

Anybody else watch this show? I’ve been hooked since the first season. The girls are so very talented. I figure the moms keep their kids in Abby’s studio for the sake of being on the show, because who would really let a teacher talk to their child like that? God bless them, because I could not handle the way she talks to the moms and to the kids!

Loving: My little family is so sweet! Some of my friends have asked me when I was going to add to the family. Umm….I’m thinking never ever again maybe in a few years, definitely no time soon. One is enough!

Thinking: Anybody love grading papers?

*crickets* Exactly! Of course not!

Wanting: Today I have been so hungry. I have been eating small snacks all day but nothing is helping. Earlier in the week I made homemade alfredo sauce to go with some pasta, chicken, and shrimp. I used this recipe and the end result was fabulous!


So now I am wanting to eat that!

Needing: So, I’ve never been to a spa. However, with the way that I’ve been feeling lately, I think someone should arrange that for me.

Don’t you want to just jump into the picture?

Like/Love/Hate: Well of course I always like January because it is my birthday month. Every month should be my birthday month, ha! I l love jambalaya because it's tasty. We love it here in LA. I’m going to search for a recipe for the homemade kind.

And finally, I hate junk! I do a good job of creating it, but I really need to get rid of it as well!

That’s it for my currently for the month of March. Don’t forget to enter my Weekly Win! Have a great Wednesday.

+Sincerely, MrsMc