Monday, February 25, 2013

That’s Nonsense!

Whew…lately I’ve been having a hard time thinking of new products (my poor brain), but I finally got this one out! woo-hoo!


With one more round of Dibels left to go, I definitely needed some fun extra practice for my students. That’s Nonsense! is a collection of activities that help your students practice creating and reading nonsense words.

n2   n4


Click on any of the pictures above to pick it up at my TPT store. It’s only $4! I will give this away for free to the first two people who comment on this post (make sure to leave your email!). If you miss commenting first or second, you can always enter my Weekly Win for a chance to get it!

Before I go, I want to encourage you to enter a giveaway I’m involved with. My good friend Sarah from Mackey’s Classroom and her good friend Michelle from Our Sweet Success are gearing up for A Ginormous Giveaway! The giveaway starts March 1st, but if you would like to also give something away, you can link up as well!. Click the graphic above or below to shoot over to Sarah’s blog.

+Sincerely, MrsMc

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teacher Wishlist Linky

Good Sunday afternoon! I’m linking up with Melissa at First Grade Smiles for her Teacher Wishlist Linky.

She asked us to list our faves-things that we buy for our classroom every year and also list our wishlist-things we’d like to have for next year. So here goes…


POCKET FOLDERS: At the beginning of the year, I always stock up on these. I buy these for my students’ homework folders. Some students bring their supplies and some don’t, so I always buy these. Plus, Office Depot always has some great deal on them. This year I got pocket folders for 1 cent a piece and I also used my teacher discount! Can you say AWESOME!


NOTECARDS AND PAPER: This is a no-brainer, right teachers? These things get used up so much in my class!

DRY ERASE MARKERS: Another no-brainer but definitely a must-have each year!

CRAYONS AND MARKERS (CLASSPACK): Okay I love the classpack! My students sit in groups and each group has a team basket with supplies like pencils and erasers. Each group also have group crayons. At the beginning of the year I use the crayons from the classpack to put in each group. Thankfully, my principal has always bought this for us each year and there are so many crayons in the pack that you really only need one pack per 2 years (maybe) depending on how many you use each year.

MAVALUS TAPE: What would I do without my mavalus tape? It’s marvelous! (Perhaps that’s where they derived the name) I use this ALL OVER MY ROOM! It’s great because it won’t peel of the paint on the walls.




LAMINATING MACHINE: I would love to have one of these for all my center items that I create and buy. As of now, I have to visit our school aids shop or media center to laminate items. This would save me so much time (and gas).


IPAD: I was so spoiled last year, because I had three iPads in my classroom for my students to use. However, since I switched schools, I had to leave the iPads in the old classroom. So, I’d love to either receive one again or buy one (or two?!) for personal and school use.

So those are my favorite items and items on my wishlist. Before I leave, I’d like to say congrats to Kathy for this week’s Weekly Win! Have a great work week!

+Sincerely, MrsMc

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day & Freebie

Between Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day, I’m all partied out! So, I’d just like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and share this freebie with you. Next week, my firsties will start learning about adjectives, so I created this quick activity to introduce them to adjectives. Click any one of the pictures below to grab it!




+Sincerely, MrsMc

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Monday: My First Currently

Happy Monday everyone. Today was an inservice day at my school so I’ve been taking it easy. I’ve seen so many of the Currently posts hosted by Farley so I decided to jump in and do my very first one!


I had fun completing this and can’t wait until next month’s currently!

+Sincerely, MrsMc

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Announcing Super Sunday Sale + Freebie

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

Let me confess! The only things I know about today’s Superbowl are that the coaches from both teams are brothers, it’s being held in my great state of Louisiana (New Orleans more specifically), and that Beyonce’ is performing. I’m not a big football fan; however, it is a good excuse to throw a super sale!

super sunday sale

Today only, my entire store will be 28% off for TpT’s Super Sunday Sale. Click the picture above to go directly to my store. Today you’ll be able to pick up some of my newest products for a great price like…




And because today is Super Bowl Sunday, I’m offering my latest product for free today only on my blog. It’s Nonsense Word Bingo.



My firsties just finished their second round of DIBELS testing, so I created this to give them extra practice with nonsense words. To get this Bingo game, simply leave your email in the comments section.

Have a great Sunday!

+Sincerely, MrsMc