Friday, September 13, 2013

Today, In My Classroom: Calendar Math


This year, I wanted to re-vamp my calendar routine this year for my firsties. In the past, I have used a Promethean flipchart from Promethean Planet that I downloaded years ago. I still use it, but I use it in conjunction with my daily calendar math sheet.

The picture above shows what I project on my promethean board. This actually shows what it looks like after we have filled everything in. I let my students work with a partner to complete their calendar math. I usually set a timer so that they know that we don’t have time to play! (Also, they know that we have our Math Daily 5 centers following our math mini lesson, so they are pretty good about finishing).


After the timer goes off, we review our calendar. I honestly started this late this school year, but I plan to copy enough for each month and make a booklet out of it. I wish I could afford to run off enough for the entire year and bind them together! Maybe next year I can!

Feel free to grab my daily calendar math sheet below or just click here! Leave me a comment and tell me what you do for your calendar routine!


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