Sunday, May 25, 2014

Linking Up: Ten Things I Want To Do This Summer

Happy Saturday to you! I am linking up with the fabulous Mrs. Jump for her Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer linky party. School is “unofficially” over for me as my students’ last day was last Thursday. Our district tacked on two PD days tomorrow and Tuesday, so I’ll be home free after that. Although I miss my students, I am excited to get a break and do a few things like…


1. Go to a nice beach: I live near the coast but the beaches here are not as pretty as the picture above of a beach in Florida. I went to Panama City Beach years ago and I loved being near the beach. I need my husband to take me…like, right now!


2. Try out my Pinterest recipes: I have pinned so many delicious recipes on Pinterest but I can never find the time (except maybe on weekends) to try them. My goal is to try a new recipe every other week. My mom loves to try new recipes too so she’ll be my advisor and guinea pig.

3. Go to the movies: Life with a baby, work, and a husband with a busy work schedule leaves little room for going out on dates…(aww, insert sad face here). I just told my husband that he needs to take me on a few dates. We love going to the movies, so I’m hoping that since one of us has slowed down a bit we can visit this place a little more often.


4. Work on TpT products: This is a big one for me because I have so many ideas that I started, but haven’t been able to finish. I want to crank out these products to get teachers ready for the new school year.

5. Have a successful kids camp: This year, I will be trying (again) to teach a few classes at our local college.Every year, they hold a kids college where kids can take classes on a variety of leisure subjects (cooking, dance) and also school subjects. I tried at another college last year, but it didn’t quite work out. I’m teaching a kindergarten readiness class, an iPad class, and a reader’s theatre class. I’m excited, but nervous.

6. Sleep in: I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory. And yes, I do plan on sleeping just like a baby!


7. Spend more time with my baby: He’s growing up so fast! He’ll be two in a few months. He loves being out and about, so we’ll spend some mommy-son time together throughout the summer. Aww, that’s him as a newborn. Look at his little toes!

8. Work out more: I have been on-again and off-again with working out. This summer I will have more time to devote to working out on my elliptical in my home. I have also used My Fitness Pal with much success, but if I’m going to be cooking my Pinterest recipes I’ll have to throw that out of the window. I think the main thing is that I need daily exercise of some sort to keep the weight off. Also, I can have the occasionally unhealthy meal, as long as it’s not every day.


9. Visit with my peeps: This is a picture of my mom and my best friend during my bridal photo shoot a few years ago. My mom and I stay in the same area, and she and I like to do lunch dates anytime that I have inservice days or days of while school is going on. Now that summer is here, we can have more lunch dates together. The other person in this picture is my best friend. She moved two hours away last year, and I miss her. I hope that we can have a girls weekend this summer.


10. Spend more time with my husband: I saved the best for last. As I mentioned before, we are both super busy all the time, and I just want us to have more “us” time while I’m off this summer.

Those are my top ten things I want to do this summer. Make sure you check out my TpT store tomorrow. My entire store will be on sale to celebrate Memorial Day!



  1. If you head to the beach try Destin, FL. I know you live in Louisiana too, so it would not be that far of a drive for you!! It is so pretty there! Plus, it has great shopping.


    1. Thanks for the idea about Destin! I've heard that it is a nice place too.

  2. HAH. Working out needs to be a top priority for me.. I have a goal. But, lounging by a pool or beach sounds soooo much better. I see above you live in LA. We live in Alabama! Mobile, specifically. Destin is a BEAUTIFUL beach and there's lots of fun in Orange Beach, AL, too.

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Yes girl, the pool is MUCH better! I have relatives close to Mobile who we visit a couple of times a year. What a small world?!